Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Small Business vs Big Business: Delivering on your word

So, yesterday, I had a terrific experience with a local repair shop - Appliance Fix-It. They were everything Sears couldn't be, and more.

They clearly passed step 1 - they gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling that they knew what they were doing and they wanted my business.

Today they nailed step 2 - they delivered on their word. They promised that my mower would be fixed the next day, and sure enough, at 11am this morning I got a call saying it was all done.

I must have talked to 6 different folks at Sears and not one of them could do what this tiny shop did. Deliver.

Now, of course, we need them to pull off step 3 - follow through. Will the mower really be ready and will the be courteous enough to help Shira load it into the car?

We shall see. Still, they are going to have to be awfully bad to get me to go back to the big guys.

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  1. In my experience there's nothing on a lawnmower that duct tape won't fix ;)