Monday, May 07, 2007

Not Funny Because It's True

I read this op-ed in The Onion and kept waiting to laugh. Only I didn't, because it hit too close to home.

The article, entitled "If Someone Wanted To Publish My Blog Entries For Money, I Wouldn't Say No" contains quotes like this one:

The No. 1 rule of my blog is that there are no rules. I write about everything from movies I've seen to crazy observations that just pop into my head about Starbucks. And sometimes I'll just write, "Had a pretty boring day today," take a picture of myself eating cereal for dinner, and call it a night. It's a web log, people. I'm not striving to be a great essayist, but if by chance some amazing commentary flows out of my keyboard, so be it. I don't write my blog to entertain anyone else, especially not some uptight Esquire editor. But if an Esquire editor is crazy about my work, and wants to run a three-page spread on my hilarious reviews of horrible movies, who am I to dismiss it out of hand?

Man, he's summing up my blog. That can't be good.

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