Monday, May 28, 2007

Lawn Mower Woes

As usual, when I went to try mowing the lawn this season, the mower wouldn't start.

I've tried every approach possible to avoid actually getting it repaired. I've attempted to borrow mowers from our neighbors (theirs are broken too) and I've contacted people on Craigslist (they never seem to follow up after the initial contact).

So, I'm finally facing facts. We are on our way to Sears with the mower. They'll no doubt fix it by doing something trivial, like screwing on the gas cap. But at this point I don't care - if I don't get it fixed and my grass mowed, the county is going to declare our property a disaster area.

There's only one seed of good news in all this - at least the grass is growing.

Update: After getting to Sears, they turned us away because the repair department is at another location, and while technically you can drop off repairs at the location we drove ot, they don't recommend it. Basically, the message we got from them was that they won't be able to transfer the drop-off to the repair center in a timely manner.

The repair center, naturally, is closed today.

This is absurd. If, as reports, the location I went to today is a drop off location for repairs, it should serve as just that. How they can think that it's better to inconvenience the customer by making them go another location, rather than taking responsibility for the transfer is beyond me.

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