Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bear Building and Other Mall Adventures

We met Danielle and The Boys at the mall today, where we took the boys
shopping for Hanukkah gifts. While Shira took care of getting the older
boys decked out in Under Armor, Brady and I hit Build A Bear.

That's quite an operation they've got going at Build A Bear. Brady got
to choose the bear, a sound it would make, stuff it and even "give it a
bath." We added an outfit, registered the bear, and the result was a
fully customized bear. Impressive. Sure, it might not be the most
economical way to get a stuffed animal, bit it was fun.

I give Build a Bear credit - they could have been a stuffed animal
store. Instead, they are an interactive experience. And what did it
cost them? Probably just an attitude adjustment (we don't sell bears, we
sell the bear making experience)- and some modified hardware so kids
could participate in the process.

Shira did well with the older boys. They tackled Sports Authority, and
game away with cold weather gear the boys will use in baseball, football
and anything else they can get involved with.

Though, I'm pretty sure Brady and I had more fun shopping for Slugger
(the name of his bear) than they did.


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