Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The I2X Company Chef

Sure, Google may offer all sorts of fancy benefits like one site car wash, dry cleaning, massage therapy, gym, hair stylist, fitness classes and bike repair. And of course, free lunch and dinner. But, they've got nothing on us in the chef department.

We may not be big, but we've got our own company chef - Chef David:

While the job pays no salary or benefits, it does provide free access to whatever's in the fridge and the rights to crash on the couch whenever you want.

After the CFO, you're the most valuable member of the team.

I just have to remember to update my elevator pitch to something like:

Ideas2Executables is a tiny company that specializes in taking your software idea and making it real. We're located in Arlington, VA and the company consists of myself (I do the coding), my wife (she does the business side of things) and my brother (he's the chef).

If that doesn't land us more business, I don't know what will?

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