Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jon Stewart , Gaza, And the search I wish I hadn't done

I really wish I hadn't done this. I was goofing around with Google's Blog Search and tried:

[inposttitle:gaza jon stewart]

This brought up post after post of Jon Stewart being praised for his latest comments on the war in Gaza. This is the same clip that I got nauseated from watching.

Take a watch:

To summarize, Stewart chose to string clips together that showed the US as ignoring Palestinians, and blindly supporting Israel.

Let me say, I have no problem with Jon being hard on Israel, and US / Israel relations. No country deserves a blank check. And yes, there's definitely some absurdity to the clips of US politicians they put together. But what about absurdity on the other side? Like, say how Hamas uses a Masque to store their ammunition, forcing Israel to choose between not protecting itself, and destroying a sacred place? Or how about how Hamas is storing explosives in their own people's residences? And what about the absurdity of Isreal dropping leaflets and calling homes it's going to bomb - I mean really, is that any way to run a war?

And maybe, just maybe, the reason so many US politicians can back Israel is because in this case it's not really that far a stretch? Heck the EU President called the "act defensive, not offensive." Look, Hamas lobbed 10,000+ rockets at Israel over the years, there was a cease fire, Hamas broke it, and Israel defended itself. Is that such a far political stretch?

I think Ari Shavit said it well:

The Israeli offensive in Gaza is justified. It was launched following incessant and intolerable provocations by Hamas. Nevertheless, the fighting in Gaza is causing humanitarian disasters. However unintentionally, it is nevertheless also hurting innocents. Therefore, the Israeli government has an obligation to complement the aerial operation and the ground operation with a humanitarian one.

Now, am I going to boycott The Daily Show? Of course not. Jon is a comedian and he makes a living out of creating a context from one that didn't previously exist. Usually it's very funny. And I suppose when you don't agree with the context, it isn't. Either way, it's powerful stuff. And he's still a powerfully funny man.

Man, I wish I had never done that blog search.


  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    You are very uneducated. Having a blog does not all of a sudden mean you understand politics.

  2. Well Jon, thanks for clearing that on up.