Saturday, January 17, 2009

Best Wine Description Ever

So, yesterday, I'm shopping for a bottle of wine to bring as a gift. I'm clueless, so I'm standing in the store Googling various bottles that have attractive labels (brilliant method, eh.).

This is by far the best description I've found:

Aroma: Plum and clove intertwine on the nose Palate: Like its French cousin, thissyrah offers hints of rich bacon fat, ripe blackberry, jammy boysenberry, black currant, violet and vanilla flavors. Supple and balanced, notes of cinnamon and chocolate peek through on the finish.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, wine with a hint of "rich bacon fat." Yum.

Who thinks up this stuff?

Anyone have any wines they can recommend for a gift?



  1. Hey Ben, you may want to edit the post title unless you were buying a bottle of wind for a gift (which sounds cool too).

    Also, you may want to check out Evil Wine. It's very good despite the name and is available at Costco i believe.

  2. Jordan -

    Thanks for both tips!

    That's what I get for posting from my cell in a hurry.


  3. So does that mean the wine isn't kosher? :-P

  4. Luther -

    You'd certainly think so! Though, bacos are Kosher, so just the smell of bacon isn't off limits :-).

    On a more serious note - in this case, the wine wasn't marked Kosher, so for a significant number of Jews it would be considered non-Kosher. Other Jews probably would think it's OK.

    What can I say, it's confusing :-)

  5. You know...we are not good for much, but this is one area where you can "phone a friend" and be relatively sure to get an answer :-) This post made me laugh. I had to ask if this is a real description and Ryan said, "oh, yeah" and was able to tell me at least three wines that it is a good descriptor for. It still baffles me most of the time. If you still need advice, feel free to call him or send an email.

  6. Erin -

    I totally need you on Speed Dial. I guess I'm so used to turning to Google for answers, it doesn't cross my mind that there's actually real humans out there who can help.

    Thanks for confirming that this wasn't some sort of goofy mistake in the site I found.

    "Rich Bacon Fat" - can Ryan really taste that in a wine? Is that a good thing?