Monday, January 12, 2009

This Just Might Be Reality Based Government

I especially liked the report and video released on Obama economic stimulus plan. Essentially, the output of studying the proposal a scientific context, rather than a purely political one.

The report attempts to show clearly and concisely what they are trying to accomplish and who is affected. The very existence of the report shows that while they are trying to get the stimulus package in place quickly, they are putting thought into it. In short, they are demonstrating common sense. Something our government doesn't always do.

I thought Obama's comments on stimulus package this weekend further emphasized this reality based politics approach. My favorite quote being:

We don't have pride of authorship [in the package]. There are a couple of basic principles that I laid out. ... But -- just to finish the point, if people have better ideas on certain provisions, if they say, you know, this is going to work better than that, then we welcome that.

In other words, he has principles he wants to stick to, but is at the same time open to new ideas. This is good. This is sane.

Watch the video and see what I mean. This is going to be really interesting to see if the ideas that have been laid out can manage to survive the actual law making process...should be fun to watch.

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