Monday, March 02, 2009

From Brisbane to Canberra

I'm tapping out this blog entry from the lobby of the hotel we're staying at in Canberra, Australia. We've finally arrived at the last city of our trip (well, not counting the top over in LA on the way home). Whew. It's also the last hotel - I can't say I'll miss packing up and heading to a new city nearly every day. Still, it is a terrifically fun adventure.

Here are some photos from our day yesterday around Brisbane and the Gold Coast:

I have to say, I have a favorite productivity toy: Offline Gmail. I enabled this on my I2X e-mail before our flight, and then used the flight time to read and reply to messages. It all Just Works - it's like being online, only you're not. I think Google's got a winner here. It's definitely worth play around with.

So now I'm in Canberra, Australia. This has to be the most underrated city in the world. They've got museums, monuments, government buildings to tour and parks to hike in. Yet, when you tell Australian's you're coming here, they think you're crazy - why go there? Well, I for one like it here. I've got to do some work first, but then I'm off to poke around and hopefully get a nice long run in.

Let's hope the WiFi cuts and my battery dies, so I can get to playing sooner rather than later.

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