Sunday, March 29, 2009

Passover - It's On

Today, I officially started preparing for the upcoming holiday of Passover. Dave and I hit the Kosher Mart, in Rockville, MD to pick up everything from the essential to the absurd. (Two examples below - can you tell which is the essential and which is the absurd?)

For the first time this year, we even bought Breaded Chicken - I have no idea how that works, but according to the big Kosher For Passover sticker, it works. Long gone are the days of suffering through awful Kosher for Passover food - now it's just an excuse to try new things. Not that I'm kvetching...

So here's where we're at - we've got a big o'l pile of food. Next up, the fun part - the cleaning and the organization. Just think, we get to completely re-invent our kitchen and everything we eat for just 8 days? Who wouldn't want that opportunity?


  1. I think we'll be making our runs to Wegman's and such later this week. And I get to watch Lauren be all happy for marrying a Sephardic Jew

  2. Don't rub it in ;-)