Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Introductory Web Dev Tutorials

Here are two web dev tutorials I've come across and think are worth a mention:

Web Applications in PLT Scheme - This is (yet another?) introduction to web development with PLT Scheme. It's nice in that it covers not only the basics of HTML generation, but goes as far as storing data in a SQL database. This introduction looks gentle enough that non-lispers will find it especially useful. Once you've made it through the tutorial, check out Jay McCarthy's blog, he's got all sorts of cool articles about web development features in the PLT Web Server.

How To Develop with CSS - If you're still using <table> tags for layout or naming your styles style1, then this article is for you. It goes beyond the syntax of CSS and talks about coding HTML/CSS in a high quality way. I found it a useful refresher, and a bit of reminder to get back to coding cleanly.

What tutorials have you seen these days that you'd like to share? Please use the comments and do so!

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