Sunday, March 08, 2009

Laura and Jamie Tie The Knot

What a joy it was to get to attend my cousin Laura's wedding to my brand new cousin-in-law, Jamie! They had an on the beach wedding which was just the most perfect thing you've ever seen. And then we had a night of excellent food, wine and dancing to top it all off.

I even got to meet my new 2nd cousin, Asher, who's just a few months old. While everyone was looking sharp last night, Asher, in his tux-onesie, definitely took the take for most cute.

We've got a couple more weddings coming up this year in my family - so this is just the first of many simchas we have coming up. How wonderful is that?

Some photos from the evening are below - as usual, they don't do the event or venue justice:

Mazel Tov to Laura and Jamie, we wish you guys lots of happiness with your new life together! Don't forget to visit us in DC :-).

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