Monday, January 11, 2010

Caption Me - Baby Edition

Oh, the adventure continues!. Technically the first photo is Shira and the boy heading out into the chilly DC weather, and the second is Me trying to figure out the MobyWrap (only the most ridiculously invented baby product ever).

But I'm sure y'all can come up with better captions than that!


  1. The moby wrap has always been a 1.5 man operation to put on(depending on the wrap you use) but it was great for us the first year and a half!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement on the MobyWrap - it's good to know it's a product worth mastering!

    (Boy do I feel a long way off from that...)

  3. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Focus on one type of carry with it... trying to master different ones all at once will only confound you. It's worth it for how comfy it is!

  4. Jerseygirl77 -

    Thanks for the tip. I think I've almost got the Joey carry down. And best of all, I think the kid likes it. The one who does all the squirming is Shira, when sees me trying to put the sling on.

  5. Sarah Manello1:42 AM

    I had no idea you were fostering a blue starfish. It's a very, very cute starfish and Shira looks extremely happy. holding him. (guessing you can't show your visitor's face as my other fostering friends are faced with that)