Sunday, January 03, 2010

Review: Under Armour Cold Gear Hood

I do believe I official have a new favorite cold weather item: the Under Amrour Cold Gear Hood. I spotted it over at Amazon where it gets high reviews, and then picked one up at REI a couple days ago.

So far, I've worn it on our 8 mile New Years Day schlep hike, and then yesterday morning to shul in a feels like of 14° F. In both cases, the hood made the activity much more comfortable. It's kind of like wearing a scarf, though more convenient and snuggly.

There's actually a lot to like about this one item:

  • It's really lightweight, so tossing it into a pocket is easy
  • It converts to from a full mask to a partial mask to a neck-gaiter naturally - so repositioning it for comfort is easy
  • It fits well under a typical knit hat, making the hat quite a bit warmer than it normally would be
  • The material is supposed to wick away moisture, which is a plus
  • It could very well be the missing piece to your next Halloween's Ninja costume

The hood is a bit pricy at $25.00 - but given the size to warmth ratio, it's worth it.


  1. just looked at the hood on amazon... looks like something out of GI Joe.... you are going to have to post a picture of you wearing it for us all to enjoy.

  2. Post a photo? Hmmm...I don't think you'll be able to take me seriously afterwards.

    Like I said, maybe next Halloween I can bust the hood out if I go as an Under Armour ninja ;-)