Thursday, January 07, 2010

Going Bananas With The Family

The family arrived last night, and after excellent pizza from Siena's, we busted out the Bananagrams Game my Mom gave us for Chanukah.

While the game appears to a version of Scrabble, and was a bit overwhelming at first - we all got into it in a hurry. As far as I comprehend the rules, each player is playing his sequence of letters individually, so game play happens in parallel. This makes it nice and quick.

My Dad has a reputation for kicking butt at games like these, and last night was no exception. Though, it was my legally blind, 90 year old grandfather, who was most impressive - he managed to keep up with all of us, cranking out words even though just seeing an individual letter was a challenge. Ahf mir gezogt!.

So yes, the Bananagrams is a winner - it's a game everyone can get involved in, moves quickly, is portable, and requires almost no setup.

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