Monday, January 04, 2010

A Verdict On Quickbooks Support: It's Broken

The other day I had a 141 minute call with QuickBooks to get something sorted out. The call left me wondering if this was a good thing (what a dedicated staff!) or a bad (my lord, how long does it take to setup a product that they are selling?!). After today's call - which started at 9:30am and finished a few moments ago at 1:45pm, I have my answer: the system is broken.

That's right, I just spent 4hrs and 15 minutes - the vast majority of it on hold, trying to get a seemingly simple answer: whenever I attempt to log in to the Quickbooks Time Tracker Gadget I get the error message Company ID not found!. Obviously, my account is improperly configured - or something is out of sync. Either way, for the person with the right database access, this should take just a few minutes to analyze (what is the customer's company ID?) and fix (oh let me set it for him. Done.).

Instead, I had to spend a good 45 minutes actually getting to talk to a human. And then I had to spend hours getting to level 2 support. Finally, after a hour or so trying to connect to level 3 support, they decided to take my phone number and have them call me tomorrow.

And that's precisely what's broken about their support: not that they couldn't fix the issue in 10 minutes, it's that they couldn't identify this as something a senior person needed to look at, and then arrange a callback. That's all this would have taken to keep me happy. Sure we got there, it just took half a day to do.

Note to tech support managers out there: have a protocol for calling folks back, it'll make all the difference.

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