Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Think Globally, Innovate Locally

So I'm browsing through adrants, and come across this fairly clever marketing gimmick:

Arlington-based 3 Bar and Grill, with help from Bill Santry Design, hopes to alleviate those concerns [of who you met last night] with its napkins. They are helpfully branded with the name of the location and a space to fill in the name and number of that hot girl/guy...or that annoying bookie.

Here's what I mean:

Clever, no?

And the thing is, 3 Bar & Grill is located just down the street from me. Heck, I've almost gone in a couple times (but their menu just didn't do it for us).

My take away: innovation doesn't have to happen at some esoteric, far off company - it can happen right down the street. It just means investing the time and energy to do it.

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