Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get Your Daily Dose Of Wimbledon

Shira's a big fan of watching tennis and Wimbledon. I was curious about the best way she could keep up with the games (as they aren't included our Cable package), and it turns out there's a whole bunch of live streaming options. Specifically, we've found LiveScore Hunter to reliable.

Another option is to check out UStream.tv. I've found that whenever I want to track down an event being shown on TV, inevitably someone is streaming it there. And the best part? There's an Android App for watching UStream streams.

See, check out live Tennis on my MyTouch:

I'm sorry - but that's just amazing. Live TV being streamed to a website, which in turn is being streamed to a handheld. There's about 1000 places that could fail, and yet it works.

I suppose this same hack works for the World Cup or any other sport you want to keep up with.

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