Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Need a recommendation: Auto Mechanic in Norther Virginia

Howdy all - my brother is looking for a reliable auto mechanic in the Northern Va area:

Anyone know of a good mechanic in the Arlington/Northern Virginia area? I'm not looking for special deals (I know cars repairs can be expensive), I'm just looking for someone I can trust when they tell me it'll cost $X to fix my goblygook valve (or whatever).

Personally, we still take our Acuras to dealer we bought them from (I know, I know -- that's the expensive way to go. But, we're so happy with their service, have had few if any problems, and they're open till like 2am. If it ain't broke, we aren't fixing it.).

So, anyone have any suggestions?


  1. I do the same with the dealer, mostly since I'm a bit lazy and know that they will do it right. The only other place I've taken either mine or Lauren's car was Arlington Autocare on Wilson and 10th. That said, I've only taken it to them for minor things, mostly maintenance. They were recommended to me when I asked the same question when we first moved here.

  2. Thanks for the tip Nick!

  3. You can have plenty of services of good mechanics online if you are not getting that locally. And they are correct person that can recommend solution for your problem.