Thursday, June 17, 2010

myTouch 3G Slide -- Some Initial Thoughts

Yesterday, I bit the bullet, and went ahead and upgraded from my beloved G1 to a myTouch 3G Slide. I've been waiting for a more powerful Android handset with keyboard, and the slide seems to fit the bill.

Here are some initial reactions:

  • I feared the 4 line keyboard would be a dud. It isn't. I'm going to have to rewire my brain a bit to make it work, but the keyboard is expansive and has an OK feel to it.
  • I think the camera may finally be one that takes reasonably good photos. I've only been waiting the last 10 years for a cellphone that could do that. (Meanwhile, the BlackBerry's have been taking fine photos for years. Go figure.)
  • I find the contact organization especially confusing. With the G1, it had contacts and they sync'ed up with my Google account. Now, there's Google contacts, T-mobile contacts, and SIM card contacts. What the?
  • Compared to the G1, this phone is definitely snappier. App switching, and just general navigation are much more responsive. The upgraded processor is definitely a big win.
  • Holy smokes, this phone blows the G1 out of the water. I guess I'm used to my Sidekick days, when an upgrade meant different hardware and a few feature additions. Not so here -- there seems to be a whole lot more going on here than with the G1. I'm actually surprisingly disoriented, and feel like I've got spend some serious time with this phone before I'm productive with it. Heck, I accidentally put a call on hold when I was just trying to mute it. With the G1, I don't think I had this kind of confusion at first.

I think that about summarizes it for now. Now, I need to actually take step back and try to learn the ins and outs of what the Slide has to offer. While disorienting, it is a fun position to be in!


  1. I look forward to playing with your slide next time I see you. I'm holding out till the end of the summer (well probably just July) to see what is coming down the line otherwise I see a Slide in my future as well. Does the Slide come with the HTC Sense UI?

  2. Nick -

    I'm definitely curious to have you play with the Slide and get your opinion.

    I'm not sure what the HTC Sense UI is -- so unless it's amazingly obvious, I guess the answer may be no.

    I'm still blown away by the fact it has Multi Touch.

    Heck, it has Face Detection built into the camera. Face detection, I tell you. Amazing.