Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Punta Cana - Club Med - Day 7

And so our trip has come to an end. I'm tapping out this blog post with a sleeping baby and wife, as we make the final leg of our journey from Charlotte to DC.

The last few days were enjoyable ones. Most of our time was spent around the kiddy pool and playground, so I don't have much in the way of new photos to post.

I did however, get in a solo-sailing adventure on one of the Laser's the Club has. What fun! What a rush! Given our brief lesson, and my sailing merit badge from years ago, you can describe my little sea excursion as 75% chaos, 24% luck, and 1% skill. I'm proud to say that not only did I capsize the vessel, but I was able to right it all by myself. Somehow I made it out to sea and back home again - the details of which are still cloudy to me. But I know I had fun.

Another highlight of the last few days was getting in a 3am walk through the resort thanks to a sleepless little boy. It really was a treat. The place was remarkably quiet -- with only a couple of security guards about. Compared to the heat of the mid-day sun, I'll take the perfect calm on the beach in the middle of the night any day.

Here are a few last photos:

Here we are - the boy is in day care, and we're chilling at the pool and playing some serious ping-pong. We really know how to live it up!

Here's a couple snapshots of the grounds taken around 3:30am.

Here I am, blindly leaving our bags at our door, assuming that someone will swing by and pick them up.

The Punta Cana airport is absolutely adorable. Half of it is open air, where there's nothing separating you from the hot tarmac and your gate waiting area. The other half is air conditioned, where we waited. Though, when boarding time arrived, we trudged along outside the length of the airport to stairs leading up to our jet. Below is a snapshot of us mid-boarding procedure.

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