Sunday, June 20, 2010

Notes and Thoughts From The Garden

A few random thoughts/notes from the hack & slash weeding session I just did in our "garden":

  • Finally gave the Beast -- our 8ft+ rosebush* -- a real haircut. It's amazing how resilient it is. Even if a branch contained mostly dried up leaves, it would still find a way to sprout new growth. Hopefully, whatever I trimmed off wasn't essential to its growth (cause, naturally, I don't know anything about what I'm actually doing in the garden)
  • Thought: why don't I plant weeds? If they grow, then I'm a successful gardener. If they die, I'm still a success. Sounds like a win-win?
  • Thought: the vines that quickly grow and cover everything in the garden (from the rosebush, to the hose reel). They are truly flexible and amazing creatures. See the previous point -- could I raise vines in my garden?
  • We have our first official item of produce -- a single pepper! See the photo below - it's gorgeous, isn't it? I wonder if the plan will produce a single pepper. There's got to be a more economical way to get peppers...

Note: these photos were taken with my new myTouch Slide. Not too shabby, eh?

*As always, thanks goes to Teresa for planting the rosebush in the first place! It must have been her original green thumb that's been sustaining it all these years.

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