Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Android G2 vs Lumix DMC-TZ50 Photo Comparsion

A few days ago, Shira and I hit a local park to let our little one play among the trees and dirt. Happen to have both my G2 as well as my Lumix DMC-TZ50 so I was able to grab some snapshots with both.

Here's a few shots from each:

G2 Photos

Lumix Photos

I've got to say, the G2 really holds its own. It's by far the closest thing to a quality camera I've owned from T-mobile (that includes the Sidekick models, the G1 and the myTouch). When you consider the fact that G2 has auto sync with Photo Bucket and the ability to Geocode photos, there are actually some solid reasons to choose the G2 over my classic Lumix.

Of course, the G2 lacks the zoom of the Lumix and the settings that allow for a bit more flexibility. With that in mind, I won't be leaving the Lumix at home when I actually plan to take photos. But, it's good to know that as long as I have my G2 I'll be able to take passable photos.

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