Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sources for Free Full Length Movies Online

Thanks, StumbleUpon for equipping me with yet another way to burn time online: 20 Places to Watch Free Movies Online.

From a quick glance, and seem legit.

I mean seriously, I can just watch The Professional anytime I want, and for free?

This really isn't good.

Remind me again, why between,, these sites and the network sites themselves, I pay for FiosTV?


  1. I think you can assume that those films on are legit, and I know from previous communication that Snagfilms are also legit

  2. You're killing me here (well, productivity, anyway).


  3. Hey Ben,

    Thanks for the shout-out - Crackle is legit. We actually have some of our movies on places like YouTube, Hulu, and some others - but all are available on Crackle (and on your Android phone too).

    Have fun, and hurry, The Professional will be off Crackle at the end of October, so get your Besson fill now.

    Community Manager, Crackle

  4. Chad - thanks for the tip about the mobile app.

    Yet another way to destroy, I love it ;-).