Thursday, October 21, 2010

My 15 Seconds of Geek Fame

Yesterday, some kind soul submitted one of my blog posts to Reddit, a service that encourages people to rank websites. For a very brief moment, my article was in the top 5:

Heck, for a moment there I had written something more popular than Peter Norvig - a near impossible feat considering his legendary geek status.

This of course was fun, and I'm tempted to print out a copy of the screenshot for my Mom to post on her fridge.

It always surprises me what content people end up connecting with. I've written many a post thinking this is The One - the one that will earn me massive amounts of traffic. And of course, nothing. And then this post finds traction - it really is pretty random.

My rule is, and will always be: write for myself. Everything else will take care of itself.


  1. you actually have a lot of posts that have been submitted to Reddit and done well. A most of them end are in Programming and Scheme subreddits but they are in a lot of places... looks like you have lots of loyal readers who like to share you thoughts

  2. Why thank you Nick for sharing! Look at that, more reasons to be proud.

    My mum will be delighted!