Friday, October 29, 2010

San Diego Adventures - USS Midway and The Zoo

Our visit to the USS Midway was an absolute treat. This was my first time on an aircraft carrier, and its massive scale had the expected effect: Wow.

You might think that an aircraft carrier would be no place for a 14 month old. You'd be wrong. Our little one had an absolute blast. From the chains in the anchor room, to the controls of the training simulators, to the inside of a helicopter - there were infinite things for him to handle and explore. It was like a playground that both he and I could run wild in.

After the Midway, we hit the San Diego Zoo. It's easy to see why the zoo is absolutely world class, it's gigantic. This could easily have been our all day activity.

The real highlight of the day, though, was meeting our new friend Braydon. New, because he's only been on Earth for about 5 weeks. He's so cute and fragile and full of potential. He's an angel.

Some photos...

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