Monday, November 15, 2010

Bedazzling Bites in Boston

While most of our latest trip to Boston was spent playing with Kiddies, Shira and I did manage to take in some tasty eats. So tasty, I thought they deserved mention here.

Grasshopper Restaurant - for years, Shira and I have driven past this restaurant advertising "Asian Vegan" in bold white letters. We finally managed to have dinner there last Thursday night. Turns out, it was worth the wait.

We ordered Wanton Soup, their Sweet and Sour Specialty and "Beef" with Mushrooms.

The Soup and Sweet and Sour dish definitely met expectations. Really, how can you miss if you slather tofu in sweet sauce and deep fry it? The bigger surprise was just how tasty the Beef and Mushroom dish was. Besides being absolutely delicious, it definitely managed to nail the meat texture and flavor.

The main entrees were both ginormous - and when we go back we'll probably split one.

For vegans and non-vegans alike, this is worth a try.

Chill - while out on a walk, we decided we wanted to catch a little snack. With the little one in his stroller, we randomly dropped into Chill. Turns out, their claim to fame is natural frozen yogurt which as the clerk explained, "tastes like frozen breakfast yogurt." He also insisted we try a sample as the description didn't do the dish justice. I was sold, Shira not so much. Shira got some ultra double extra chocolate thing and I got the tart yogurt.

For a $1.49, I could have unlimited toppings. There's just something powerful about unlimited. Fruit, sprinkles, whip cream, cookies all got piled on. Of course, choosing more toppings mean less of each one gets used - so it's a zero sum game. But still, I liked the power of choice.

They also got serious bonus points, because the clerk gave us a small cup of mangos and raspberries for our little one to nosh on (he's allergic to milk - so yogurt or ice cream was out of the question). We offered to pay, but have gave them to us on the house.

For a chilly desert, I walked away with a very warm feeling.

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