Friday, November 19, 2010

Finding and Embracing The Hard Part

Today, I got more wisdom from Seth Godin - this time on the topic of businesses and their Hard Parts. As Seth explains in his usual pithy manner: a business has easy parts (arranging an office) and hard parts (hiring a top notch sales person). The goal is to find the hard parts and tackle them with zeal.

Every project (product, play, event, company, venture, non profit) has a million tasks that need to be done, thousands of decisions, predictions, bits of effort, conversations and plans.

But what's the hard part?
Don't tell me you want to launch a line of spices but don't want to make sales calls to supermarket buyers. That's the hard part.

I talk to folks about their ideas all the time, and one of the most important things I listen for is this Hard Part. What about their idea is almost, but not quite impossible to do. Having a Hard Part is key. It'll keep away your competitors and it'll make your product something people will love to use, even if it's not perfect.

The other cool thing about these Hard Parts is that often what's required to solve them is brain power and creativity, not cash. So there's no excuses for an individual not to take on these tricky problems.

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