Friday, November 26, 2010

Phone Friday: Retro Camera, The cure for Retro-camera-itis

And what is Retro-camera-itis? It's when you look at a site like Photojojo's Tumblr and love the retro looking images, and then make your way to Photojo's store and start wording if it's time to buy a film camera again. (Your rational mind knows this is a terrible idea, but it's hard to resist.)

My friend Nick passed on the perfect fix: Retro Camera, an Android app that simulates old film cameras. It even comes with a Polaroid mode, a format I have a special affinity for as it was my Granpda's camera of choice. He must have had an SX-70 - a marvelous camera that not spat out amazing, instant prints, but also performed feats of contortionism as it went from folded flat, to it's expanded form, back to flat again.

Anyway, I've now got 5 simulated retro camers with me at all time. Time to go out and shoot some funky photos.

Thanks Nick!

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