Sunday, November 28, 2010

Upgrading to Grill 2.0 - The Weber Spirit E-310

With a new deck and especially easy access to our kitchen from it, it made sense to finally upgrade our 12 year old grill. With my Brother David's help, we decided that the Weber Spirit E-310 would be the model for us.

The E-310 seems to be rated consistently really highly as a good basic grill. It lacks side burners and other gimmicks that David suggested look good, but don't ever get used, which I like. We put the grill together today, and it's built like a Sherman Tank. I also really like the size of grill - it's big enough to be taken seriously, but not so large that it eats up half our deck.

The assembly process seemed to take at least an hour and was about what you'd expect. Taken from a birds-eye-view, the instructions looked like absolute chaos. But, going step by step, it was possible to follow them. We only took a few minor missteps. Sure would make life easier if all the bolts weren't the same color (black), but, we pushed through.

Here's the before and after photo:

And yes, I had the requisite extra part:

We test drove the grill for dinner tonight, oddly enough, with a basic Salmon dish. The grilled performed flawlessly and the fish tasted good. Though, my guess is that it would be hard recipe to screw up.

So, we've got the deck and grill - now all we need is the weather, and it's party time!

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