Monday, November 01, 2010

Watching the Bolts Pull Out the Victory

The San Diego Chargers game we caught today turned out to be an excellent one. It was a fight right up until the last 30 seconds, where the Chargers pulled out the victory.

Compared to say watching Tennis or Baseball live, I was struck by just how quickly the game moves and how much activity is happening in parallel at any one moment. Get distracted by a player on the sideline (or, say, a cheerleader dressed up as a skimpily dressed Police Officer costume), and poof, you could miss a key play or penalty. Heck, even when I was watching the play unfold, I'd still often wonder what the heck just happened. But it wouldn't really matter, because the game zipped right along and there was more action to see.

Makes me appreciate the commentary and instant replay at home, which spoon feeds you just what you need to know. Still, nothing beats being there - surrounded by 59,000 other fans all cheering at the top of their lungs.

A few photos below. Man, it's hard to photograph football - there's just so many places the ball can end up, and I always seem to guess the wrong place to point the camera.

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