Thursday, November 18, 2010

Painful Product Placements, Courtesy of Days of Our Lives

This one is for my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law who are die hard Days of our Lives fans. AdRants highlighted a story they kindly titled: 'Days of Our Lives' Riddled With Horrific Product Placement, which links to these examples.

AdRants pulled no punches:

Seriously? The brand and the writers couldn't have worked together to come up with a more subtle and effective placement? These placements literally transform the daily drama into a full on commercial. And a really bad one at that.

Granted, the writing on soaps sucks so perhaps expecting a well crafted product placement is asking too much but an illiterate imbecile could have come up with a better solution than the writers of these disasters did.

Some of the worst advertising we've ever seen.

They are pretty painful to watch, see what I mean:

One commentor did point out that the name "Soap" in Soap Opera came from companies like P&G who didn't just sponsor the shows, but produced them. So, maybe all this product placement is just part of Day's roots?

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