Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guest Blogger Maryn - Who's Behind The Great Spork Shortage?

Guest Blogger Maryn writes:

I have had a question burning in my mind for months. I can't seem to find the answer and no matter where I look, it seems like I'll never figure it out.

What happened to the spork?

I remember in elementary school, sporks were incredibly handy for an array of food items either packed from home or purchased from the school cafeteria. Say it was spaghetti day and you also wanted a cup of sherbet for dessert. Ordinarily, you'd need a fork and a spoon to devour both tasty treats, but when the spork arrived on the scene, it became a time saver, a trash saver, and let's be honest- using a spork was a good ol' time. Fast food restaurants started supplying sporks and they were sold in grocery stores.

What happened? Did a law pass that outlawed spork usage? Did some utensil extremist group decide sporks were going against basic human values? I miss the days of carefree eating when you knew you were prepared for life's edible choices. I implore anyone with knowledge of what happened to sporks to share with the rest of the world because I am certain (hopeful?) that millions of American citizens have been wondering about this issue for years.

Editor's Note: the spork is alive and well in my backpacking gear - but not at the restaurants I frequent. Hmm....who's to blame?!

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