Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

I think one of the most underappreciated jobs in the world is that of TV/movie actor. Sure, they make it look easy, but put me in front of a camera and I lose my ability to speak intelligently. Poof. It's gone.

It's with that understanding in mind that I jumped into the adventure of the day: filming a short (10 or so minute) video to help give my story about Head Start.

Our little guy has thrived in and because of Early Head Start. So, I'm a fan. I bit the bullet and agreed to participate in the video.

All in all, it went OK. A few things that surprised me:

  • They didn't record the practice sessions. What the heck? My first shtick was perfect during practice. What, tape is so expensive? I'm sure they've got a good reason for this. Though, I don't know what it is.
  • They got what they wanted in one take. I guess that means that I was either hopeless, or did fine.
  • The filming was the short part of the adventure. Waiting, getting situated, etc. took the majority of time.

All in all, it had a similar feeling to getting my hernia repaired: people were buzzing around me, doing stuff, yet trying to keep me calm. In both experiences I was clueless as to what was actually going on. Oh, and both were painless.

I didn't have the courage to watch the single take the got. Heck, I'm not excited to ever watch it. But, if given the chance, I'll share it here.

And here's proof that this happened - a photo of me after my makeup was applied. Turns out the advice I was given was dead on: if someone offers you make up, always, always, always accept it. I've been waiting for years to practice that advice, and today I got to do just that.

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