Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Reston Zoo: The Little Zoo That Could

A while back, Shira had taken our little guy to the Reston Zoo, and came back with a glowing report. This Sunday, however, I got to see the place in person.

As promised, it was on the smaller side. But as a kid friendly place, it can't be beat. For one thing, there are plenty of animals to feed and interact with. Our little guy is going to appreciate a goat he can feed far more than an exotic elephant he can just look at. The petting area also provides plenty of shade, and the small size in general is a win because little ones won't get as tired out from walking.

The price, especially compared to the free National Zoo, was on the steep side. But, I suppose, if you want a zoo in your backyard, it can't exactly be free. We spent about an hour there before we decided, on behalf of our little guy, that he'd had enough.

Another win is that the zoo opens at 9am on Sunday - which is late for parents who may have a child who's up at 5:45am.

All in all, it's an excellent little attraction, and for the right age group should be a home run.

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