Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gone Fishing - The Simon Men Have An Adventure

I'm tapping this message out from Holliday Lake State Park next to a roaring fire built by my brother David. My Dad is sitting next to me, cheering him on.

We're all a little exhausted, as we did a 10 mile hike today that included a number of stops to go fishing. I'm proud to say that I caught the most fish today, topping off at 4. Though they ranged in size from goldfish to large goldfish. David and Dad also caught fish, and theirs were a more respectable size.

It's been a while since I've been car camping, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect at the campground here. We've got a reasonable sized site, water and electricity just feet from our tent, the car right next to whole setup, firewood and ice for purchase, and clean bathrooms available to us 24x7. Compared to backpacking standards, this place is the Ritz.

The fishing has been OK. Nothing specactular, but then again, the main point is to sit around and be together not actually catch fish (which is good news for the fish). The hiking has been great too. We, we did manage to stop and fish near a wasp nest, and as a result, we all got a number of wasp stings (I think I got 4 myself). But, we survived, and were no worse for wear.

We did try to take the Trout Creek Trail from the park, which apparently has been overgrown and was unusable. But we got plenty of hiking in, so we're not too disappointed. Still, our guidebook recommended the hike - which you shouldn't plan to take, as the trail no longer exists.

The plan is to get up tomorrow and fish all day. I'll see if I can land anything larger than the betta fish we used to have.

The moths sure do love my laptop screen. I better call it a night. Here's to a quiet night in the woods.

P.S. - Surprisingly, T-mobile gets some signal out here in the woods, while Verizon doesn't. I don't think that's ever happened before. Go T-mobile!

Some photos of the weekend:

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