Monday, August 01, 2011

Top 10 Lessons/Moments From Our Holliday Lake State Park Adventure

My Dad, brother and I hit Holliday State Park this last weekend. Here's 10+ lesson learned/adventures had:

  1. David pulls out the bed sheet he grabbed to sleep with (it was like 100°F out!), and realizes he grabbed a blue table cloth instead.
  2. We starting chatting it up a fisherman on the dock and realize that we've found the only liberal Democrat in all of Central Virginia.
  3. Our new friend lends us two worms (night crawlers). These two worms last us 3 days and are what we catch the majority of our fish on.
  4. The Trout Creek Trail that originally attracted us to the area doesn't appear to exist any longer.
  5. Our first stop along the trail was apparently on top of a wasp nest. The result, each of us got at least one wasp sting. Ben learned another use for his lightload towel - use it to swat wasps off of himself and others.
  6. Ben learned that fishing is an optimist's sport - "the next cast, yeah, that'll be one that does it. I just need one more cast..."
  7. Ben slept outside the second night, but David and Dad left part of the tent open for him to climb in. The result: David and Dad were scrunched together, and Ben had all the space in the world.
  8. Macaroni and cheese mixes quite well with Amy's vegetarian chili. Yum!
  9. Entanmann's Donuts can survive +100°F temperatures, days in the woods, lots of humidity, and still taste fresh and delicious. Not sure how they do it.
  10. Ben is not allowed to pack toilet paper for the hike. His assumption that we'll need about 6 feet worth of it was a severe underestimation. David will be in charge of this in the future, and he'll just bring the entire roll.
  11. The perfect beer is the ice cold one after a day of hiking and fishing in some extreme heat.

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