Wednesday, August 03, 2011

When Actors Make Sense: Matt Damon on Eduction, Rainn Wilson on Taxes

Being a celebrity doesn't automatically make you an expert. But, I found both these guys points to be pretty dang compelling.

Matt Damon on Education

Watch the clip and see Matt Damon talk about incentive based teaching:

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Yes, both Damon and the interviewer are taking an overlysimplistic view of the problem. But, I think Damon does have a key point: he doesn't act just for the money, just like I don't program solely for money and teachers don't teach only for money. We (well, I assume many teachers) do it because we love it. Assuming that you can get results just dangling money in front of them just isn't realistic.

Rainn Wilson on Taxes

To be honest,I wasn't even sure who Rainn Wilson was until I checked his IMDB page. But, that's besides the point. His insight on taxes goes like so:

When I was a broke-ass actor mkng 15k a yr I paid like NO taxes. That helped me get where I am. Now I pay a BUNCH. As it should be. #TaxMe

This is one of the simplest and best explanations for a graduated tax code I've heard. We love to talk about the taxes a rich or poor person pays - but of course, as Wilson explains, those could very well be the same person.

To me, government is working best when it's making smart investments. In this context, it's the tax code itself that's being used to invest in people. Seems like a smart investment to me.

Both stories were found via Buzzfeed.

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