Thursday, August 25, 2011

Irene, Bring It! I'm ready for you.

Just back from Giant super market where I picked up the essentials: raisins, crackers and cheese, chocolate pudding and candles.

Seriously, having a non-refrigerated access to cheddar cheese is critical for these trying times.

(I'm only mostly kidding - single serving, non refrigerated items are key, as who knows how long a power outage may last. And yarhzeit candles are cheap and easy lighting.)


  1. You know what's funny...I just bought 26 yahretzeit lights and raisins. I already have enough pudding on hand for weeks to come (thank you Costco).

  2. See, you're totally ready.

    Throw in some jugs of water, a couple of flashlights and a crank radio, and you're practically over-prepared ;-)