Friday, August 12, 2011

Babysitting Baby Aurora

What a pleasure it was getting to babysit baby Aurora! My two big insights from the day:

(1) It's amazing how much she's developed in just 10 weeks or so. She's so full of smiles and so interactive. It's amazing how quickly infants go from a lump absorbing the world, to taking part in it. Of course, I assume Aurora is ahead of the curve cause she's an absolute baby genius.

(2) I put Aurora in the Moby Wrap and took her for a walk. Within 10 yards or so, she was sound asleep. Apparently, putting on a Moby Wrap is like riding a bike - once you learn it, you never forget it.

What a joy she is!

Oh, and in the photos below, you'll notice that I gave her an old Sidekick Slide to play with. She's totally not impressed because it didn't have a touch screen and wasn't Internet enabled. Her Daddy has taught her well.

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