Sunday, August 14, 2011

Going On Vacation Without Going Far

Yesterday afternoon, Shira informs that it's time to take a walk. Cool by me. Oh, and I should grab one of the backpacks at the door on my way out. Again, fair enough. Hiking down the street with backpacks and all was a little strange. She refused to explain what this was all about (and being married for 13 years, I've learned it's usually best to not ask to many questions. Just go with the flow.).

We stroll along for about 20 minutes until we hit the front door to the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City. At this point, I'm really confused. She then checks us in for the night.

The occasion, Shira informs me, is that this is our first weekend alone since we've become empty nesters. We had talked about taking a little mini vacation, but couldn't quite find the time to go away. So, a night at the Ritz was plan B.

The evening worked out perfectly. Better than perfectly, actually.

Shira lived it up and made arrangements to be on the concierge level - which meant that we had had access to the club lounge. Even though we were a mere 20 minutes from our house, sitting in comfy seats, on the 18th floor of the Ritz, we felt like we were in another world. Every time we stepped into the lounge, there was more food to eat. Oy, the deserts! Each cookie and pastry was a little slice of heaven.

We watched a couple movies and had dinner at a new restaurant, Kora. The fact that it had plenty of vegan and vegetarian options probably would have made it a winner no matter what. The fact that that food was both unique and completely delicious, definitely made for the perfect dinner.

By noon, we were back at our place and back to reality. As mini vacations go, this one was outstanding. And we didn't even have to leave the county.

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