Friday, July 15, 2011

Phone Friday: GMarks - Tracking Blog Ideas On The Go

My bookmarking strategy has been working well for me lately: I use Xmarks to track organized bookmarks, and Google Bookmarks to hold onto blog topics and other random information that I just want to note, but not bother to organize.

Between the Google Bookmarks' bookmarklet, and the chronological view, I can quickly grab and track random sites.

I hadn't bothered to try to replicate this setup on my Android phone. For a while, I had Xmark's mobile app installed, but I found I didn't use it. I when I checked a while back, I hadn't found a good Google Bookmarks app either.

That was, until a few days, when I discovered GMarks. GMarks is a simple app that allows you to maintain your Google Bookmarks on an Android phone.

It took a few minutes to slurp down my 1,271 bookmarks. But, once it did, it was fast to use. And most importantly, it gives me the chronological view that I find so useful on my desktop.

It has the standard "Share" integration with my G2 browser. Which is to say, if I'm browsing a page of interest on my G2, I can trivially share with GMarks and have it be in my heap of ideas for later consideration.

All this means that while Shira's trying on clothes at the mall, I can be reading content and adding to my I should-blog-this-later list.

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