Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sleep Karma

Yesterday, in an off handed way, I snarkly responded to a friend's Facebook feed where she mentioned that she was doing sleep training for her baby. I wasn't being snarky to her, more so to all the rah-rah parents who seemed to be kinda pushing a philosophy I'm not really behind. Anyway, it was a harmless remark, certainly not intended to hurt anybody. I'm not even sure I had an opinion on the subject.

Karma, apparently, didn't think it was so harmless.

For the last few weeks (dare I say months?) our little guy has almost effortlessly gone to bed at 7pm. Like clockwork. But last night, we got into a new game:

  1. Put child in crib
  2. Child lies down
  3. Adult leaves the room
  4. Child effortlessly hops out of his crib
  5. Adult re-enters the room and explains to said 23 month old that it is in fact bed time, not play time.
  6. Child requests to be put back into his crib so he can go to sleep.
  7. Goto Step 1

After an hour and a half of this wonderful game, our little guy finally hit the sack. At no point was he upset during this little event. He's more than happy to quietly explore his room.

Anyway, I knew that my comment was wrong and I was sorry.

Apparently, Karma wasn't done with me yet.

This morning at 5:15am, our little guy not only woke up, but again, effortlessly hopped out of his crib to start the new day.

Man, that'll teach me to comment on someone else's adventures with sleeping children. Whew. Lesson. Learned.

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