Sunday, December 25, 2011

Coach's Customer Service

The zipper on Shira's Coach wallet broke. We weren't quite sure what they could do about it, but we hit up a nearby Coach Outlet to find out. The experience went more or less as described below.

The manager on duty took one look at the broken zipper and said something like "oh, my! Let's get you a replacement." She didn't have that exact model, so she scurried around the store finding wallets that more or less matched the original one. After a couple minutes she had a few options for Shira. The only question she asked was, "which one do you want?" A few minutes at the counter and we were on our way, new wallet in hand.

I was absolutely shocked. No question about when or where the wallet was purchased, or how much the wallet was worth versus the replacement one. No question about whether this was a factory defect or misuse by Shira. No attitude, or push back. She sympathized and fixed the problem.

I've never though of Coach as having great customer service, but they really showed me. Go Coach!


  1. Some companies are nice like that. In some ways, it prob depends on who exactly you talk to. I just had a good experience with lowes. I ordered $150 worth of tape measures on their web site. Then they told me they were ready for pickup. I got there and my order wasnt even in stock. I complained a bit and they said come back in 3 weeks. So I shot an email to lowes corporate. Then I get a call a couple days later from my local lowes saying they had my order in stock and they were giving me a $75 gift card for my troubles. :)