Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Enjoy Gift Giving More - Embrace The Wrapping Process

Happy first day of Chanukah! With the big Ch (or H, I suppose), upon us and Christmas only days away, it was especially fortunate that I ran across Kelli Crowe's creative gift wrap blog entry. She has rounded up a number of cool (and thrifty) ways to make the packages you've purchased look even more appealing. Definitely more fun than focusing on trying to traditional wrapping paper to be perfectly aligned (which I can never do anyway).

Before I had seen Kelli's post, I was thinking I should do something a little different this year in the wrapping department. See, over the last year I've gotten pretty good about using reusable shopping bags, rather than bringing home and being cluttered by scores of plastic bags. So, in the same spirit of re-usability, I wondered what I could wrap my brother's gift in that he could reuse? Here's what I came up with:

Yes, that's a gift wrapped in toilet paper and tied with a dental floss bow. My half serious, half joking logic, is that he can untie the bow remove the TP, and drop them both in a ziplock bag for our next hike or camping trip. Who knows, in a tight spot, those items could be even more handy than the gift I'm giving him?

I suppose I'm going to need to get a bit more clever - after all, not every person is worthy of getting a gift wrapped in TP. Still, Kelli's inspired me to keep looking for clever gift wrapping hacks.

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