Sunday, December 11, 2011

Twinners +1 - Visiting the "Fish Museum"

Today we made our way to the Boston Aquarium, where Elana, the Kids, Shira and Myself took in the "fish museum" (the kids wanted another visit to the Children's Museum, so we promised them the Fish Museum instead).

The personalities of the kids were out in force today. Fearless Chana was perturbed that she wasn't allowed to swim in the tanks with the fish, and all but climbed into the sting ray and (baby) shark tank. Dovid, our intellectual one, was delighted to count star fish and study the sting rays, but had zero interest in touching anything (heck, he didn't want to put his hands in the Dyson hand dryers, for fear that he might not get them back when it was done making all that noise!). And Tzipora was memorized by the giant fish swimming by, and was soaking it all up.

Shira and I felt especially proud that a little over a week ago we were at Boulder's Beach, where one (or more?) of the penguins featured at the aquarium were from.

Speaking of fun activities, yesterday, on our Shabbat walk, we poked our heads into one of the fire station's near the house. One of the firemen on duty eagerly invited us in and suggested we show the kids around the trucks. They even started up one of the engines and got the lights going. Of course, the whole thing was a bit overwhelming for the kids, but they did work up the courage to approach the truck and ended up having a great time. And I was right along with them, soaking it all in. Score one for the Boston FD, they couldn't have been more welcoming to the kiddies. I'd suggest dropping by your local station to see if they're as nice.

Would you believe we took more photos today? Yeah, just a few. These kids are just so dang cute.

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