Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pocket Dump: Winter Edition

It's been a while since I've done a pocket dump, so here's the latest snapshot of what's in my pockets. A few items have changed due to the weather, and the need to be more jeans friendly (less bulging is a good thing, right?).

I'd love to know what your EDC is -- do share in the comments.

In my pants pockets:

  • A CPR mask and gloves smooshed and taped between two business cards. What good is being CPR certified if you aren't ready for action, right? The business cards approach seems to be the smallest possible way to carry the items.
  • A Pilot G2 pen. Still my favorite writing instrument.
  • A Schrade Tactical Pen. This currently replaces my Alpha Innovations Stylus Kubaton. I like that it does extra duty as a pen, and is nice and solid. If the Alpha Innovations stylus worked with my G2 I may prefer it better.
  • Android G2. This guy is really beat up, but it's still holding its own.
  • Regular old wallet. A couple extra safety pins (for repairs), a paper clip (for whatever) and stickers (to entertain kids) are in it. Other than that, there's nothing unusual about it.
  • A hanky. My probably most used EDC item.
  • Keyring that hasn't changed much since I last inventoried it. Still love everything on it, and find it all useful. The compass came in handy getting oriented on our last trip, the USB drive held backup copies of my passport and other travel documents, the pill fob saved Shira during a headache (thanks to the headache medicine within), I could go on, but you get the point.
  • A P-51 can opener and Derma-Safe razor blade rubber banded together. This little setup has replaced my Swiss Army knife for daily carry. It's much slimmer in the pants, which prompted me to try it. So far, I'm really impressed. The P-51 has come in handy a number of times, the Derma-Safe is super sharp. The rubber bands have probably gotten the most use, as I'll take them off and use them for various odds and ends. I love that the setup is basically disposable if I end up at place where I can't bring a knife. There are still times when a Swiss Army knife makes the most sense, but for EDC, this little combo is working.
  • A cheapy 3x5 notepad. Absolutely essential.

Gone is the lanyard - I never got any use out of it.

In my jacket pockets:

It's almost winter time, which means wearing jacket, which means *more pockets*. Whoo! Here's what's been floating around in my coat:

  • Brandless knit hat from REI. Your mom always told you to wear a hat, right? Listen to mom.
  • Seirus Gloves from REI. I love these guys. Super lightweight, allow for lots of dexterity, yet are wind resistant and keep you warm.
  • A Buff. The ultimate neck warmer + balaclava + whatever else you can think of. Love this guy.
  • A Mini-Bic Lighter. When it's cold out, it just seems right to carry around a way to make fire instantly.
  • An urban survival kit packed in, of course, an Altoids tin. It's got headphones for G2, quarters for the meter, dental floss and more.
  • Sea to Summit day pack. Another frequently used item. Definitely don't underestimate this guy.

So, nu? What's in your pockets?

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