Friday, December 09, 2011

Twinners +1 - Visting the Boston Children's Museum

Wow, what a day! We got into Boston this morning, and have been whooping it up with the Twins +1 all day. The main event was a trip to the Boston's Children Museum (which is more activity center, than traditional museum - but it was all awesome).

The Twins couldn't get enough of the water table, and Tzipora was totally drumming to Latin beats in the baby room. I think I probably enjoyed the construction room more than the kids. I even let them sit in the Bobcat, instead of pushing them out of the way so I could monopolize. See how mature I am?

Nobody, including myself, wanted to go home, but alas, Shabbat was approaching and we had a very full day.

Here's a few of the 400+ photos we shot of the kids that day. The new camera plus wonderful subjects sure makes for lots of photos.

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