Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baltimore Aquarium, Round 2

This weekend, we went back to the Baltimore Aquarium, this time with our 7 year old, and some friends who had younger kids. Unlike last time, we took in the Dolphin show, which the kids (and adults) loved. As imagined, the 7 year old got quite a bit more out of the exhibits than our 17 month old but that's to be expected.

I'm still unimpressed by the fact that the snack bar isn't serving food at 10am, and the kids area is still underwhelming. And we spent almost as much time in our seat waiting for the Dolphin Show to start as we did for the entire show to complete. But still, the kids had a blast and the selection of sea critters is truly amazing. So, I've got continue to recommend the place. Though, I'm tempted to see if the DC Aquarium has improved at all - Baltimore's world class, but so are their prices.

All in all, we had 3 exhausted children, and 4 wiped out adults - so mission accomplished.

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