Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spotting Discovery - The Shuttle Visits DC

Space Shuttle Discovery made its way around DC today and David and I were there to watch it. What a thrill it was to see it fly by, carried piggy back on a 747.

We chose to stand on the Memorial Bridge, which turned out to be a great location. Unfortunately, due to a unexpected gust of wind, my helmet was tossed overboard into the Potomac. Still, as prices of admissions go, that was a minor one to see such a remarkable sight.

Of the 342 photos, here's 14. Enjoy!


  1. Wow, those were incredible shots, Ben! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Thanks Dave - it's my pleasure!

  3. Must have been breathtaking. Thanks for posting.

  4. Nice pics. The photo of it approaching those buildings in Crystal City is very cool. What zoom were you using for that shot? That would have been a pretty good distance from Memorial Bridge.

  5. Hey Mark -

    That was from my 250mm lens. We were expecting the shuttle to approach the other direction, and so I was caught off guard when we realized it was coming behind us. That was one of my first shots I grabbed of it, and one I like the most.

    Bruce - thanks!